Fatberg goes to the movies

Fatberg goes to the movies

Let’s talk about Fatberg.

Fatberg is a bus-sized, 15-ton conglomeration of fat, human waste and wet wipes recently removed from London’s sewers over the course of three weeks. Upon learning about this congealed mass of filth, two thoughts immediately came to mind.

1.) This is what the human race will leave behind. When a massive asteroid hits the Earth, incinerating all humans and torching our art and antiquities, the sewers will at least contain Fatbergs for future alien civilizations to study.

2.) I must draw it. A heaving, stinking clump of fat just begs to be anthropomorphized. I started to imagine what it would be like for Fatberg to adjust to life outside the sewers and among people. Fatberg would probably go to the movies, take up an entire row of seats and open-mouth chew in front of everyone.

The further adventures of Fatberg need to be told, so I’m sure he’ll show up later in my #100sketches project.


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