My First Children’s Book

When I was five years old I wrote and illustrated my first children’s book. By “wrote” I mean that I shouted the story out loud while my mother wrote down the words. The E and the Eel follows the misadventures of two unlikely friends: A letter E and an eel. It was assembled on the kitchen counter with puffy paint on white fabric pages sewn together at the spine. I thought it would be fun to dust off the book and share it with you all.

Mom fronted all production costs and thus received publisher credit.

Most successful children’s books are timeless, but this one immediately dates itself with a Sears reference.

So far all of the narrative exposition (two full pages!) has been about the eel’s hunger.

Gross! But also hilarious, amirite?

Sensing a theme here? EXTREME HUNGER.

FACT: Eels have legs.

And here we have the first conflict of the story arc. Defiance!

Well, that was unexpected.

Not just any eagle. THE eagle.

Wait, why is there an E.T. sign?

I think this is supposed to be the same E from earlier. Let’s go with yes. Same E. Defining characteristic: Likes to hang out in signs.

The story is getting dark, but wait for it…

A happy ending! The moral of the story is: You can eat your friends, just don’t digest them.

BLESSED: 20 Life-Changing Modern Affirmations

BLESSED: 20 Life-Changing Modern Affirmations by Nathan T. Wright

I FINALLY FINISHED book #2, which means I can emerge back into the blinding daylight and maybe start showering again.

BLESSED: 20 Life-Changing Modern Affirmations is my spin on the motivational and self-management book genres. Each page is fully illustrated, tackling modern issues like tangled earbuds, lack of airport power outlets, brunch Instagrams and getting stuck behind slow-walkers.

Click here to purchase the book on Amazon.

Caricature Illustrations

I’ve been doing a lot more caricature illustrations lately. Here’s a family member as Captain America. In progress and final.

And here is Supergirl and her trusty sidekick, Opal the Ham Loaf!

If you’re interested in a custom caricature drawing, just contact me!