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Creatures and Cryptids: An Adult Coloring Book

Fans of cryptozoology and mythical beasts will love Creatures and Cryptids: An Adult Coloring Book. Each coloring page features a different creature illustrated with subversive wit. Relieve stress, have a laugh and aid relaxation while coloring these highly detailed images. During this colorful monster hunt you’ll encounter Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, Mothman, the Jersey Devil, Medusa, Mkole-mbembe, the Kraken, extraterrestrials, mermaids, swamp monsters and more! Buy it on Amazon.

The Adventures of FatbergThe Adventures of Fatberg is an illustrated children’s book about a friendly creature who leaves his home in the sewers and explores the streets of London, curious about humans and hoping to fit in. “Fatbergs” are formed in sewers when cooking fat and wet wipes stick together in large lumps. Sounds gross, right? But this Fatberg learns that no matter what the world says about him, he can still make a big difference. Buy it on Amazon.