Ballet Des Moines Artist-In-Residency

In Spring 2018 I participated in the Ballet Des Moines Artist-In-Residence Program. During the six-week residency I worked on-site at the ballet studio, creating a 10-page comic and multiple original drawings. The program concluded with an art showcase on March 23 at Mainframe Studios.

My original project pitch to Ballet Des Moines:
β€œThe ballet and comics are two art forms that have never properly met. I'd like to make that introduction. My project concept is to merge these two platforms into a visual story, inspired by the sequential storytelling nature of comics, graphic novels and comic strips, and explore a day in the life of one dancer β€” full of heart and light humor.”

Photo Mar 23, 6 25 21 PM.jpg
Photo Mar 23, 11 49 22 AM.jpg
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