A children's picture book written and illustrated by Nathan T. Wright

What is a Fatberg? Wikipedia's definition is "a congealed lump of fat, sanitary napkins, wet wipes, and similar items found in sewer systems, which do not break down like toilet paper." Fatbergs happen all across the globe, but the most notorious ones have been found in London's sewers.

Why create a book about Fatbergs? I became obsessed with Fatbergs in 2013 when I first read about the phenomenon. I researched everything I could about them and ended up writing, illustrating and self-publishing a children's picture book about the blobby sewer nuisances and their potential as renewable energy sources. The story follows a friendly, misunderstood Fatberg as he is driven out of the sewers and explores the streets of London, curious about humans and hoping to fit in. The Fatberg learns that no matter what the world says about him, he can still make a big difference.

What READERS ARE saying on Amazon:

"A poignant story about an unlikely hero..."

Mr. Nathan T. Wright is a luminary when it comes to combining the idea of industrial infrastructure byproducts with a story that will delight children. This is a playful and endearing reminder that all - no matter who you are or where you come from - can make a difference on this planet. The illustrations are beautiful.

"Charming and wonderfully-illustrated"

What sounds a bit disgusting at first (fatbergs...yuck) turns out to be a wonderfully-illustrated and charming storybook. Bonus points for the appearance of a corgi! Looking forward to more from Mr. Wright.

"...my kids LOVED the story and the artwork"

I wasn’t so sure about the subject myself, but my kids LOVED the story and the artwork. Wright has a unique flair for combining the weird and wonderful with a narrative kids can relate to. Bravo.

"A fun book with fun illustrations"

I have three kids between the ages of 6 and 10 and they all three enjoyed this book. It was fun to talk about actual Fatbergs and Google pictures of what they looked like. Nathan did a great job with this book!

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